has a posse ... has a pussy ... has a homepage ... has talavista baby!


We have a saying in Denmark: Kært barn har mange navne. It's similar to The Devil goes by many names only, in stead of the devil it's a "dear child" ... Well, as the saying goes... uhm...

real deal industrial corporation faster pussycat kill kill

... kært barn mange navne

You may call me KBMN

I do graffitti, street art, and I pee my name in the snow. I do all kinds of creative stuff. Even indoor legal stuff. No limits!

I do nice, and I do ugly, and everything in-between. That's what I do when I look like I'm doing what I'm doing. What do you do?


This page is kinda new. So, check back in a while. Sayonara sailors, swingers, and sweethearts!